LAINAVERSEworks is my Strategic Marketing Biz that I’m building to stand the test of time in the Cannabis (plus Hemp + Psychedelics) Industry. The name is inspired by my artist moniker the Madam LAINAVERSE and one of my greatest inspirational art tomes Capcom Design Works.

(It’s also a tongue-in-cheek embodiment of my work ethic that I’ve been perpetually accused of not having!)

More than anything, LAINAVERSEworks was built as the conduit for my natural-born creativity, acquired expertise in content marketing, brand developing and confidence in elevating companies into iconic brands.

At the heart of all of that is SERVICE.

I served businesses in the past under the names Creative Ether, Bud Biz Creativ and FADEDlain. But I didn’t give my heart and spirit because I wasn’t fully aligned with the work I was doing.

So after digging deep and healing the wounds that impeded my connections and growth, LAINAVERSEworks emerged as my way to serve brands like yours that give a damn about longevity and the human spirit.

I’m not looking to support the next Ford, Coca-Cola, Nike or Apple of Cannabis and E-Commerce per se. LAINAVERSEworks exists to help your brand be iconic in its own right, no comparisons… AKA be an actual brand.