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My name is Alaina (pronounced: uh-LAY-nuh). And this is my Virtual Project Leadership Biz that supports Cannabis, Hemp and Psychedelic Industries. 

If you're in dire need of direction, structure and freedom to actualize your grandest ideas for your business, you're in the right place. I help you increase profits, make your ambitions into reality and set your team up to win long-term with Marketing/Advertising Project Management + Resource Management.

Radiant Clients Include:

Elevate your Scrappy Cannabis Company into a Trusted, Timeless Industry Icon with my SESHworks Project Management Services

Get valuable, strategic direction to bring your brand goals to life. I'm devoted to increasing your profits + brand notoriety with in-depth discussion that clarifies industry-disrupting opportunities that only your brand can provide. 

Whether we incubate for a: 

Count on me to lead you down the path of becoming a 1-of-1 in your specialty.

I'm your Business Therapist who listens intently to understand your unique needs so we can make long-lasting solutions.

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