About Alaina / Madam

Ahoy there! My name is Alaina M. Dorsey

(first name pronounced: uh-LAY-nuh) 

I’m the Content Roadmap Madam, Strategic Marketer + Owner of LAINAVERSEworks. My artist moniker is the Madam LAINAVERSE, which inspired the name of this company.

I have an eclectic, robust background in the realms of marketing and branding plus a natural inclination for creativity. Combined with over a decade of customer service experience, I decided to combine all my skill sets to service you.

It’s been my lifelong dream to direct and animate my own stories. But I had personal hijinks about pursuing that path due to severe social anxiety and the joys of epigenetic trauma that limited my self-belief and confidence.

Which is where cannabis, hemp and psychedelics come in!

I struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a little girl. And getting the right support was a slog—so I ended up turning to CBD the summer of 2018.

The immediate relief was heaven-sent. And it led me to become a medical cannabis patient in Maryland. Though that was just the beginning of understanding and releasing the inner blocks sickening my psyche, November 2018 - June 2019 was a major turning point in my personal life and career.

When I started consuming the plant, I also started making a living as a Freelance Blog Copywriter. At that time, I had no idea how to sell my art—and I didn’t want to. There was deep internal conflict around my love for art and animation.

But as I got settled in the cannabis industry, I started to see an opportunity gap emerge that my art could fill. Along the way, I became more business-minded as I learned new skills that I offered as services: social media content creation, content marketing strategy, project management, website copywriting, brand storytelling consulting, presentation deck creation, client management.

My next turning point was in January 2021 when I completed my first celebrity cannabis gig and... I just wasn’t feeling it. I was tired of being known as a copywriter when I didn’t give a shit about it!

Given the limited, repetitive visuals of cannabis education and my love of Japanese animation, I started stewing on a plan to bring my unique way of visual storytelling to the business world.

And from my knowledge of branding, I started realizing it wasn’t too different from Art. That combined with my strategic, birds-eye view of thinking, LAINAVERSEworks emerged.

So I’m here to validate the business value of art and put a lifetime of expertise and curiosity to work.

When I’m not nurturing my existence as the World-Class Creative Entrepreneur of Visuals, Weed and E-Commerce, I enjoy dancing, chatting, playing guitar, hanging out with my doggo King Shrimp and exploring the beauty of the global human experience.